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Recruitment Company Insurance

Running a recruitment company isn’t easy. Time is spent sourcing, headhunting, screening and matching candidates to positions as well as running the office itself and trying to understand things like IR35. Ensuring that all the risks emanating from the day-to-day activities are insured is crucial in ensuring the long term sustainability of the business should the worst happen.

The main policies within a recruitment combined package includes; professional indemnity, public liability, employers liability, general office and equipment insurance, cyber, legal expenses, personal accident and vehicle and fleet insurance. Further policies can also be taken out to cover more bespoke risks, whilst the core policies can be extended to include further cover i.e. covering temporary workers that you place at clients and their mistakes. 

Ensuring that your business is protected against the big claims that can bring an uninsured business to its knees, as well as the smaller claims, brings with it peace of mind and allows you to continue to focus on your core activities and do what you do best.

Recruitment Company Insurance Policy Features

Core policies

– Professional indemnity
– Public liability
– Employers liability
– Office & equipment insurance
– Legal expenses

Optional policies

– Vehicle & fleet
– Personal accident
– Cyber insurance
– Business interruption insurance
– Director & officers insurance

Bespoke recruitment coverage

Extend core and optional policies to cover bespoke risks faced only by recruitment company risks i.e. claims that arise from temporary workers that you’ve placed, missed reference checks, or where a candidate alleges you misrepresented their experience to a client.

Recruiter Insurance

Common Recruitment Company Insurance Questions

policy features
But we don't make mistakes!

It’s a fast paced and ruthless environment and no matter how careful everyone is mistakes happen. When mistakes happen you need to ensure you’re protected against the costly legal fees and compensation to rectify and settle the matter.

policy features
Do we need bespoke policies?

Taking out bespoke policies allows you to be sure you’re covered for the specific risks you face, and more importantly to make sure you don’t fall foul of having a claim not covered due to exclusions remaining in place.

policy features
Tailored to your exact needs

Every recruitment business is different. That’s why having a specific combined policy in place that meets the exact requirements of your business ensures you only take out, and pay for, the cover you need.